Tell story of first involvement in the rail sector

From that moment onwards we have immersed ourselves in the industry, developing skillsets, partnerships and innovative new approaches to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Our services can be roughly separated into fur sections:

  1. General rail calibration and supply

We offer calibration for electrical equipment, using equipment such as our Wavetec computerised analyser, for instruments including: multimeters, clamp meters, loop testers, optical tachometers, RCD testers, oscilloscopes and Ohmmeters to name but a few.

Torque wrenches multiplier, meters and drivers are calibrated in the lab while pressure calibrations are conducted on or offsite using equipment including a Budenburg tester.

Our calibration expertise also includes equipment for temperature monitoring, gas detection, rail component refurbishment and gauges.

We supply a comprehensive range of traction maintenance gauges for traction/rolling stock work along with track maintenance gauges including linear measure wheels, welding equipment, overhead line height and stagger gauging.

  1. Traction/Rolling Stock Maintenance

Diesel or electric – we offer a full calibration and supply service on equipment needed in an ever changing traction and rolling stock maintenance facility.

With equipment needing regular calibration to meet National Rail Engineering Instructions, we ensure down time is kept to a minimum and calibration/replacements are managed efficiently.

  1. Track renewal and maintenance

From the non-destructive test equipment through to linear measuring devices, we’re your one stop facility for track gauging and renewal equipment.

  • Cross Level Transfer Gauge
  • Super Elevation Gauge
  • Super Elevation Gauge Folding
  • Combo SE/LT Gauge
  • Combo SE/LT Gauge Folding
  • Non Possession Platform Gauge
  • Track Spread Gauge
  • Sighting Board Set
  • Side Cut Gauge
  • Versine Measurement Set
  • Inclinometer Data Logging
  • Rail/Rod Height and Stagger Gauge
  • 3rd & 4th Rail Gauge
  • Switch Side Wear Gauge
  • Rail Thermometers

4. Rail Component refurbishment and calibration

Old and new pressure gauges and switches are out bread-and-butter. If you need these overhauled or refurbished  in accordance with the latest WOSS and Network Rail Engineering Instructions, look no further.

There isn’t a gauge or switch we haven’t calibrated. If you can find one, then the next round is on us!

We also tackle all sorts of ammeters and speedometers, both analogue and digital, calibrating or replacing in line with WOSS.

Those are the four pillars of rail calibration and supply we offer but some of our work falls outside these broad remits.

Give us a quick call if you’d like to discuss something a bit more specialist. We’re not scared of a challenge!