A brief summary for each sector is below but we’d much rather chat to you in person. It’s just better, isn’t it?


Our hairlines are not the only thing that have changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Since we first started working with Network Rail way-back-when, the industry has evolved and we’ve moved with it, adapting to the sector needs and developments.

There are four roots to our rail calibration work:

  • General rail calibration and supply
  • Traction/Rolling Stock Maintenance
  • Track renewal and maintenance
  • Rail Component refurbishment and calibration

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Our service delivery in the medical sector ensures your equipment maintenance meets CQC inspection standards.

We work with the NHS across the UK at various points of delivery including:

  • Care homes
  • NHS Hospitals
  • Medical Service companies maintaining equipment in GP surgeries and other NHS points of delivery.

We provide high quality laboratory-based calibration and repair services for a range of diagnostic and radiation protection instrumentation along with everything from theatre test equipment, to gas monitoring machinery, to general ward equipment.

Our calibration service includes testing and calibration of medical appliances along with PAT testing of electrical items.


We supply and calibrate essential equipment used by utilities companies to ensure compliance in provision of water, gas and electrical services.

Predominantly we work to deliver cable avoidance tools, pressures gauges, electrical test equipment and crimp equipment to ensure our partners continue to deliver services to over xxxxxx number of people across the UK.



We deliver for both heavy and light engineering projects covering all calibration needs from mechanical to NDT equipment.


In the aviation sector we are used for a range of calibration. Our clients have used us through fuel filling facilities at various airports across the UK to checking equipment such as Calipers, pressure gauge, dial gauges and lifting jacks to name a few.


Don’t for a second think the rail industry is the only thing we can chew your ear off about. We also have a passion for the motor industry.

We provide:

  • general manufacturing
  • accurate CMM
  • analytic coordinate measuring
  • Reports on production
  • Setting jigs

We have worked with industry leaders including Jaguar-Land Rover and …..

Facilities Management

Calibration and servicing of all necessary testing equipment used in the facilities management environment.

Predominantly calibrating and providing instruments in leisure centres and entertainment venues, we offer support and guidance on how to comply with industry standards and achieve inspection criteria.

Managed Calibration Service

This is the service you, as a customer, expect and this is the service we consider as standard.

  • Full asset management
  • Recall of instruments for re-calibration
  • Certification (digital or print)
  • Client Hub on our website for immediate access to service history