What do you provide?

We offer agile, accessible and affordable calibration, repair, engineering consultancy and sale/hire of testing instruments.

Why bother with calibration?

Prevention is better than cure. If instruments are calibrated correctly, you will save time and money in the long run. Think of it like servicing your car: if you can nip a problem in the bud early doors, and keep on top of it, you’ll not have to fork out a fortune for new parts further down the road.

What does the calibration do?

We make sure the equipment you’re using is doing exactly what it should be doing. Calibration shows that the instrument is performing within the recommended specification at the time of the calibration. It provides confidence that the instrument has been, and is, operating as it is intended to.

Not sure exactly what to order?

Don’t worry – our experts have worked with this equipment for almost 20 years. There’s not a single type of gauge or switch our experts haven’t had their greasy hands on. We’d be happy to advise if you needed some guidance. 

Can you collect from our office?

Yes. We offer a collection service for companies across the UK dependant on the specific order. If you have bacon butties for when we get there, even better!

How fast is your calibration service?

This depends on the items you’re having calibrated and we can happily discuss your individual needs. Our Mobile Calibration Unit allows for same day equipment turnaround should your project require this service.

Do you work with my industry?

We’ve never calibrated instruments for a submarine. It’s on our bucket list. If you’re on-land or in the air, however, we service and calibrate across pretty much all sectors. Take a look!